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Natural Infertility Treatments



The worst feeling in the world is the desire to be a mother and learning you can’t get pregnant for one reason or another. Infertility is a booming business with no guarantee that one will conceive. This is a subject close to my heart because i too was infertile and i want you to know there are natural infertility treatments available that work.



Infertility Treatments PCOS


I have PCOS and always know i would have a problem getting pregnant. Being over weight didn’t help the matter either. I was borderline diabetic, I had Hypothyroidism. Getting me pregnant was a challenge to say the least. I went to a well respected reproductive endocrinologist and spent a few years just getting my hormones balanced with various drugs. When the time came that i started taking shots, My ovaries over stimulated, my husbands sperm count went down and we were back to square 1 with a failed pregnancy attempt.



Infertility Natural Cures


I was getting really upset and frustrated from all the failure and finally decided to go the completely natural route to help things along. I ate the right foods, detoxed my body with various natural supplements, I changed completely my approach. I went on a search to do anything i read that would help me along including colonics and acupuncture. Anything i read that was Linked to infertility i avoided. I continued with my fertility treatments because it was now not only my problem but my husbands too. The doctor was seeming less hopeful I was getting upset and emotional and decided come hell or high water i was going to be pregnant. That is when i sought out alternative infertility treatments.


Alternative Infertility Treatments

I definitely would not have gotten pregnant had I not committed to finding natural infertility treatments. I tried the medical approach first. I saw how my body reacted with the blood work, sonograms, etc. I knew the dieting, supplements, all the acupuncture, the cleansing, it all changed the way my body responded. So much so that my doctor didn’t want to continue treatment and wanted me to stop taking medicine because he told me it wasn’t working.

I didn’t allow him to make me stop and made him move forward with the treatments and even though he got nasty, i knew i was doing everything right so i just ignored his pessimism. I did get pregnant at that time even though he not only told me i wouldn’t but that he also said would no longer treat me.

Imagine his surprise when my pregnancy test not only came out positive but i was pregnant with twins. Ladies, don’t you ever give up. There are many treatments available out there and i want you to know you do have options.

If your husband is infertile you need to address his issues as well. There are natural things he can do to boost his sperm count too.

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